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About myself

Hello, my name is Anna. I am from Brazil and I have been living for the last two years in Frankfurt am Main. In February 2021, my husband and I moved to Düsseldorf! We are living in Pempelfort and we are delighted for living closer to my in-laws.

I love animals (really, all kind of them) and as a kid, I was raised surround not only by pets but by farm animals as well.

I do not know why, but cats have had an important role in my life. I had my first cat when I was 4 years old and since then they have always been around.

When I moved to Germany, I brought my two cats from Brazil. Unfortunately, they passed away… Rick was 19 years old and Oreo was only 4, but he had a devastating cancer.

Because of my sorrow, I decided to live some time with no pets at home, but not far from them. It was when I started to take care of pets from my friends and of the ones from their friends too.

Well, time has passed by and in May 2020 we decided to adopt two cats at Frankfurter Katzenschutzverein institution. This is how Samba and Nala came into our lives and filled our routine with joy.

As I am a very organized, responsible, trustworthy person and a cat lover, I decided to offer myself as a pet sitter.

How my day-visit usually works: Kittens and old cats are welcome; The routine includes feeding them, cleaning the litter(s), playing with them, giving them affection and attention. In my opinion, it is important to take and send pictures to you in order to make you feel more relaxed and confident, checking your cat is doing well;

Before the first pet sitting day, I would like to meet owner(s) and pets in-person to checking basic but important information (where the food is stored, the litter, favorite toys, if it has any kind of special wish, like drinking running water, eating wet food mixed with dry food, etc); I can water your plants and get your mail from the mailbox.

I speak Portuguese, English, and German (B1 level). Oh, and Spanish - I understand it well, although I am not good at speaking it. So, if you need any help, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can also contact me through my profile on the Pawshake website.

Hope to see you soon! =) 

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Anna is an extremely reliable and friendly!

I got updates every day via message, she followed my instructions perfectly and when I got home my cats were very happy and content. I highly recommend her service.

Thank you Anna, Tiffy and Motte had a good time! 🧡


Contact me

Pempelford, Düsseldorf



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